3 Best Restaurants in Oakland

Want to travel the world from your dinner table?

Visit Oakland – a frenetic hotbed of ultra-diverse cuisines and cultures, with a veritable smorgasbord of eclectic food styles and varied flavors that reflect upon a colorful history of exotic influences.

Some of the best restaurants in Oakland run the gamut from scrumptious Asian fare to true-blue Jamaican, to modern Oaxacan fare, to melt-in-your-mouth Montreal bagels.

While there could be many things you do not know about Oakland (did you know that there is an annual Fairyland festival for grown-ups?!), one thing you can be truly sure of is that the restaurant scene is sizzling hot right now, and has been for quite some time.

Whether you chew on smoked beef tongue from specialty shops or chow on mouth-watering chicken jalapeno tacos from your local trucks or just grab Indian Paleo meals from an upscale eating joint, Oakland has it all.

We have picked 3 best restaurants in Oakland from a dizzying array of places that will tickle your taste buds and invigorate your palate.

Best Restaurant in Oakland #1 -dosa by DOSA

Uptown, Uptown, and some more Uptown. It does seem like this once-ignored locality is now attracting all the attention due to an uprise of the trendiest of eating joints and restaurants in the city. With tech giants and other organizations flocking down to Uptown and making it their base of operations, one thing has been proven right time and time again – Oakland is a city always ready for reinvention; poised at every turn to defy all sorts of restrictive definition.

dosa by Dosa is a multi-chain Indian casual restaurant providing exceptional food in a classy, striking outdoor seating experience with an open kitchen, and soaring, high-vaulted ceilings that aim to dazzle.

You can enjoy non-alcoholic cocktails with both lunch and dinner, as well as piping hot chairs from the all-day bar.

Our recommendations- the uber-delicious butter chicken street wrap that will have you gasping for a cool drink but you’ll enjoy every last morsel of it, and a masala potato dosa, which comes wrapped in a lightly spicy, savory crepe.

Best Restaurant in Oakland #2 -Beauty’s Bagel Shop

When you visit the Bay Area, you’re not expecting the oh-so-soft buttery warm bagel quality that you’d blindly find in New York, or perhaps in Montreal.

Located in North Oakland, the Beauty‘s Bagel Shop can give stiff competition to their superior-seeming and much-touted counterparts in Montreal and elsewhere.

Shake doughy hands with luscious bagels here that are hand-rolled, boiled in sweet honey water and finished off in a wood-fire oven. Styled in the Montreal way, these bagels will be worth every second of the wait, as there is always a mile long queue, itching for some of the shop‘s fantastic hot buns topped with silky cream cheese.

Our recommendations – go for the smoked trout salad which is bewitchingly addictive, followed by a fried chicken bagel sandwich with a beet slaw. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Best Restaurant in Oakland #3 – Alamar

We decided to end the list with another Uptown listing but with a seafood twist this time.

Alamar is an uber-modern, classy seafood-centric restaurant where the talented Dominican-American chef Nelson German serves up mind-blowing seafood boils which feature nearly everything – from lemon pepper waffle fries to PEI mussels to Cajun oyster shooters to Alaskan snow crab, with divine crawfish tacos and finger-licking Dominican rice bowls.

Besides some of its tantalizing crustacean fare, and the appealingly unique eats, you can enjoy the thriving Uptown scene in the outdoor seating area with some raw oysters, and Iced tea that the staff keeps topping up!

Our recommendations – this is especially hard as everything is beyond delicious here, but start off with some coconut shrimp lollipops and Fall-Off-The-Bone wings, followed by roasted marrow with lemon garlic butter sauce, or the Chef’s signature Romesco sauce submerged with the Peel n Eat Gulf Shrimp.